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Eco Night Spotlighting Walk.

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

The night spotlighting tour opens your eyes to the nocturnal creatures at Tangalooma.  Here at the Tangaloma Resort, which is nestled beside Moreton Bay and the Moreton island National Park, the nightlife of nocturnal creatures is a surprise. The tour is conducted by one of  the biologists from the Marine and Research Centre at Tangalooma Resort. There is an amazing array of nightlife in close proximity to the Resort. The guide expertly trains our eyes towards the tree tops where once you focus, nature’s richness takes over. Apart from the possums, you may also see the quick movement of  sugar gliders in flight. This is amazing since you have walked the path on many occasions and never thought to look skyward. Meanwhile at ground level watch for the beach curlews who dart between the tree shadows, but also have a most distinct “cry”, which is almost childlike. There are also bandicoots at ground level. As we walk past the Resort proper and our eyes adjust to the night light, we can also perhaps see an owl, a spider weaving a web, or geckos.

This tour is most informative and quite a revelation of nature if you train your eyes and ears to look and listen. The tour leaves from the Marine and Research Education Centre which is located near the jetty, between 6.45 and the duration is 1 hour. The guide has a large spotlight but if possible you may bring your own torch.