Moreton Bay and Tangalooma Fishing

Fishing is one of the many fun and relaxing activities on offer at Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort. Moreton Bay has a huge variety of fish species in great abundance.

Fish can be caught off the mainland at Tangalooma or in boats in Moreton Bay, with species such as Cod, Snapper, Bream and Flathead being common catches around the resort. Popular fishing spots in the waters surrounding the Resort include the logs at the north end of the resort, near the houses, the old jetty where a man made reef resides, the main jetty where the Tangalooma Flyer docks, the wrecks to the North of the resort, and pretty much anywhere else you fancy in the deeper channel of water which begins roughly 30 metres or so from the beach at Tangalooma and runs all the way along the beach at Tangalooma.

For those with larger vessels the shipping markers to the south of Tangalooma can produce large Mackerel amongst other species, and the reef at Curtin to the north of Tangalooma produces a wide variety of reef fish including Kingfish, Morwong, Snapper and Red Emperor.

Photo below: A cod caught in Moreton Bay at Tangalooma

A cod caught in Moreton Bay at Tangalooma

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