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Moreton Bay Dugongs

Saturday, March 1st, 2008

Dugongs or seacows are marine mammals found in Moreton Bay either north towards Cowan Cowan or south of the Tangalooma jetty. They graze on the seagrasses which grow in the warm, shallow, protected waters along Moreton Island. They are the only marine mammal in Australia that live mainly on seagrass. The common term seacows refers to the fact that they graze on the seagrass. Dugongs live their entire life at sea, and surface only when necessary to breathe through their large snout and nostrils, sightings are not always common. The Eco tour at the Tangalooma Resort is a good way to see the dugongs in their natural habitat. Their movement through the water is from their paddle like flippers and their tails. They  are closely related to elephants…linked through D.N.A. We are most fortunate to have these gentle giants of the sea in Moreton Bay.