Bushwalk to Desert a must do activity at Tangalooma

Tangalooma Resort’s bushwalk to the Desert is a spectacular journey offering panoramic views of Moreton Bay and loads of nature and wildlife.

The bushwalk track begins from behind the Deep Blue apartment complex where the Tangalooma Resort Shop is located, near the jetty where you arrive. The track is well maintained giving walkers a clear path from start to finish.

The track is around the medium difficulty level with some uphill trecking at the start, however the second half of the walk is all downhill.

Recommended accessories for this walk are plenty of water, especially if it is hot or humid, a camera, hat and sunscreen, a good set of joggers / walking shoes and as always when bushwalking a first aid kit is not a bad idea for any unexpected accidents.

About 30 minutes into the walk is a lookout with a seat and a spectacular view of the resort, Moreton Bay and the wrecks. A great spot for a breather to take in some fluids and take some snaps!

Roughly 1 hour into the walk you will come to a t-intersection with an optional walk to the Desert to the left (approximately 400m) and the remainder of the walk to the right. We recommend doing the Desert walk and then complete the remainder of the walk.

The walk is roughly 2 hours return depending on how many stops you have to take photos and to take in the scenery. The walk finishes on the beach roughly 300m South of the Jetty. From there you can return to the resort via the beach.

Early morning is the best time to do this walk especially during the Summer months where the days can get warmer.

Apart from the beautiful views of Moreton Bay and the picturesque Desert, you can expect to see typical elements of Moreton Island’s flora on this walk, butterflies, Whistling Kite’s and many other birds to name just some of the possible sightings on this walk.

Some photos of what we saw on the walk are attached below.

If bushwalking takes your fancy, then this activity is perfect for you!

Moreton Island Flora 2 Moreton Island Flora Butterfly on bushwalk 2 Butterfly on bushwalk Bushwalk view 2 Bushwalk view Desert View

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  1. Tres Says:

    Hi There,
    this walk is a must do if your staying on the island. The views are breathtaking and your sure to witness the diversity of plant and animal species inhabiting the Island. You will also experience the incredible variety of terrains contained on the island, ranging from views of the beach, desert and bushlands.
    Can’t wait to head back and explore more of this treasure island!
    Great Blog post!
    Tres :)

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